Admission Requirements

Cybersecurity, MS Online

The admissions requirements for this program are parallel to the on-campus requirements. View the Cybersecurity, MS admissions requirements.

Students who have superior academic credentials but lack sufficient computer science background will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Find out more about our new program, A Bridge to NYU Tandon for students lacking a background in computer science.

Full-time applicants are required to submit in the GRE exam.

Part-time applicants who satisfy one of the following conditions are not required but encouraged to submit a GRE score:

  1. Applicant has successfully completed the Bridge to Tandon program with a B+ or better.
  2. Applicant completes 9 credits under Visiting Student Registration from an approved list of CSE courses and maintains an average grade of B+ or better.
  3. Applicant has a BA or BS degree in computer science or computer engineering from NYU, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Preparatory Course

If you come from a non-engineering background you can prepare to apply for the Cybersecurity Master’s Degree in one of two ways, by either taking the one-course Cybersecurity Bridge Program or three individual preparatory courses. See preparatory course options below.

Cybersecurity Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a prerequisite course recommended to those interested in applying for the Cybersecurity Master's Degree who are lacking a background in science or engineering. If you have a degree in liberal arts or similar, our one-course online program will provide you the tools needed to upgrade your math, science or engineering knowledge for consideration to a qualifying master’s degree at the School of Engineering. Should you complete this intensive bridge course with a grade of B+ or better, you are eligible to be admitted without any course deficiencies, should you meet all other School of Engineering admission requirements.

View Cybersecurity Bridge

We offer three preparatory courses for students who do not have a working knowledge of a high level, general-purpose programming language or a background in sets, functions, relations, asymptotic notation, proof techniques, induction, combinatorics, discrete probability, recurrences, graphs, trees, mathematical models of computation and undecidability.


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