Activities | NYU Tandon School of Engineering


The first face-to-face meeting will be hosted by the School of Engineering's Office of Alumni Relations. All mentoring pairs will meet together to go over program details and participate in a few casual ice-breaker exercises. All mentors and mentees are expected to attend.

After the kick-off meeting each pair should meet face to face on at least two additional occasions. A list of programs sponsored by Poly will be provided. These events are not mandatory, but provide great meeting opportunities for mentors and mentees. Suggested Poly sponsored events include:

  • Career Services workshops and Student Life activities

If pair decide to not to meet at a Poly sponsored event, plan meetings to be somewhere where you can talk uninterrupted, such as a restaurant, coffee house, or the mentor’s office.

Students and mentors can also take advantage industry-specific professional and networking settings, especially for future meetings. Suggested face-to-face meeting opportunities include:

  • Mentors could invite students to attend events at their place of business, or to events hosted by a professional organization they are a member of in order to introduce the student to other professionals with whom the student could network
  • Mentors could invite students to “shadow” them for part or all of a work day
  • Mentors could invite students to observe a meeting, presentation or other professional activity/industry event, with a short “debrief” time afterward to discuss takeaways from the activity
  • Community service days or volunteer activities
  • Campus tours from a student perspective
  • Poly basketball games or sporting events