Counseling | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Academic Counseling

The TRIO Scholars Program offers free and confidential counseling to all TRIO students. Our counselor is professionally trained and familiar with the many types of challenges typically faced by college students. Students can speak with the counselor regarding various academic issues such as:

  • time management
  • test preparation
  • test-taking anxiety
  • conquering procrastination
  • goal-setting

The Counselor works with students to improve in these areas, address any academic deficiencies, and build on their strengths.

Study Skills Development

To expose students to better study techniques, the TRIO Scholars Program requires all new students to attend a Study Skills Seminar, a crash course in the basic skills needed for college survival. We also offer in-depth coverage of developing study skills during a monthly workshop series deigned to help students improve academic performance.

Personal Counseling

We offer individual counseling to help students deal with a wide range of personal issues that may impair their academic performance or well-being. The personal counseling program can help students with family matters, personal adjustment, career planning, financial issues, and mental health concerns. Students generally meet with the counselor every other week, or as needed, to address these issues and limit the stress they can cause. While the TRIO counselor can assist students with some mental health issues, more complex issues are treated at the NYU Counseling and Wellness Center.

Graduate School Planning

Various activities to encourage students to pursue a graduate school education take place throughout the academic year. We offer workshops on how to research graduate schools, complete applications, and apply for financial aid. Individualized graduate school planning and counseling is also available to TRIO students.

Career Counseling and Assessment

We offer a variety of ways for students to get help determining their career paths. Students have the opportunity to complete an individualized career assessment and can speak to the counselor about how to choose a career that fits their abilities and interests. We also organize career workshops on topics such as resume writing and interviewing skills throughout the academic year.

Financial Aid Counseling

We assist students in securing the most appropriate financial aid resources available through individual counseling, workshops, and technical assistance sessions.

Sign-up Information

To make an appointment with the TRIO Counselor, ShawnTina Harrod, call 646.997.3560 or visit 5 MetroTech Center - LC253. Please note, students who are not participants of the TRIO Scholars Program can receive counseling through NYU Counseling and Wellness Center.