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Integrated Digital Media


Bright abstract shapes generated using creative coding

Format: MicroBachelors – 1 year


With the evolution of media entities like Time Warner, NBC Universal and Condé Nast, it’s increasingly clear that the world is not just consuming media — we’re experiencing it. The media communication industry is capitalizing on the potential of digital media, and to do that, they are seeing a growing need for design, creative, and UX professionals that have the skills to take them into the future — keeping them competitive, relevant, and innovative.

You will leave this program with programming skills and media frameworks that will elevate your career. By the end of your coursework, you will also have a professional portfolio of work that exemplifies your technical and creative skills, which you can present to peers, graduate school programs, and potential employers.


Key Takeaways

  • Students will develop conceptual thinking skills to generate ideas and content in order to solve problems or create opportunities.
  • Students will develop technical skills to realize their ideas.
  • Students will understand and utilize digital media tools and technologies, while adapting to constantly changing paradigms by learning how to learn.

Who Should Attend

Designed for current or aspiring UI/UX Designers, Graphic Designers, or Multimedia artists, this program will equip you with the critical knowledge, as well as the technical and creative skills for designing interactive digital experiences that push boundaries and drive media forward. 

Course Outline

  • Course 1: Creative Coding
  • Course 2: Theories of Media and Technology
  • Course 3: Media Law
  • Course 4: Integrated Digital Media Capstone

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