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Cybersecurity Fundamentals


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Format: microBachelors –  1 year


This program will teach you core cybersecurity competencies including information security, network security and penetration testing. This exposure will allow the student to better understand the different opportunities available for employment in the cybersecurity sector. Demand for cybersecurity is exploding in both the United States and worldwide. The courses will utilize both python scripting and tool usage to give the students hands-on experience penetrating and defending systems. In addition to the applied cybersecurity labs, students will also gain an understanding of the complexity in defending business systems both today and in the future.


Key Takeaways

  • Implement security design principles.
  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of secure network design.
  • Understand the issues involved with providing secure networks.

Who Should Attend

Students looking for careers in information technology, risk management, cyber defense, cyber threats, cybercrime, digital forensics, incident response, IT Security, computer networking, cybersecurity risks, information assurance, intrusion detection, risk assessment, security analysis, and vulnerability management can all benefit from the material in the courses.

Course Outline

  • Course 1:  Information Security - Introduction to Information Security
  • Course 2:  Information Security - Authentication and Access Control
  • Course 3: Information Security - Advanced Topics
  • Course 4: Network Security - Introduction to Network Security
  • Course 5: Network Security - Protocols
  • Course 6: Network Security - Advanced Topics
  • Course 7: Penetration Testing - Discovering Vulnerabilities
  • Course 8: Penetration Testing - Exploitation
  • Course 9: Penetration Testing - Post Exploitation

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