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CUE Virtual Computer Lab

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Civil & Urban Engineering Department Virtual Computer Lab. The lab is equipped with software such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD REVIT, CSI SAFE and CSI ETABS, etc. necessary for CUE design courses.

Student working on a computer

Accessing Virtual Lab

The CUE Virtual Computer Lab provides access to specialized software that is available on NYU computer labs. The system that will allow you to access the computers located in the CUE PC Lab (RH217) via Remote Desktop. 

1. We are using Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) to remotely connect to the lab workstations. For Microsoft Windows computers, RDP is pre-installed. For Mac OSX computers, you can download RDP for free from the Mac App Store

2. Before using RDP you will need to initiate an NYU VPN connection in order to use the lab workstations when off-campus. Read detailed instructions about NYU VPN

3. After completing steps 1 and 2, search for an available workstation from the list provided at the new website. Click on the RDP File download link and open the associated file with RDP. The website URL is

4. When prompted for a username and password, connect with your NTY Net ID, and password according to the following format 

  • AD\YourNetID (e.g., AD\abc123
  • Note that you must type AD\ ahead of your net ID for the system to know to get your credentials from NYU’s active directory.

5. Remember that we have many students in need of the lab and only have a limited number of workstations at this time.  Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Always ave your files locally on your computer 
  • Please limit your usage to no more than 3 hours per day. Simply plan accordingly to do only what is necessary in the lab. 
  • Always sign out after you finish your work. 
  • If we detect abuse of the system we will restrict your access.      

Contact Us

Not all students will require the use of the PC Lab, so we will be issuing access to the lab on an as needed basis.  If you require the use of the PC Lab, please send an email to Prof. Ulerio at with the name of the class you are currently taking as well as the name of the software that you will be using in the lab.