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The Tandon Community Responds

man assembling face shield

Samrat Acharya, a Ph.D. student from Nepal — a country where citizens have been forced to rapidly enter the digital age to learn about health threats, conduct business, and communicate with family and friends — published guidelines on cybersecurity and safe internet usage in his native language.

Responding to an early nation-wide shortage of protective personal equipment that was particularly acute in New York, Tandon researchers designed a face shield for healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic that could be produced and assembled in under one minute, a fraction of the time it took using 3D printing.

Tandon researchers created the NYU Tandon AirVENT, a personal negative pressure hood to protect medical personnel from airborne particles, using a modified and easily portable salon hair dryer.

Since CPAP/BiPAP machines (non-invasive breathing support devices) entail a nonclosed-loop fluid circuit that can emit aerosolized virus and contaminate the environment, Tandon researchers created the NYU Tandon AirMOD, using off-the-shelf components in novel arrangements to render a closed-loop circuit that prevents contamination and infection of others.