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Our VIP Program

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Tandon students can attest that they accomplish a lot over the course of a single semester. It can be hard, however, to move on from an exciting topic or favorite professor once the semester is over. What if there were a way to work on a real-world project so big and so important that it spanned almost your entire academic career?

At Tandon, students now have the chance to find out, thanks to the new Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program. Students who take part collaborate on a project for up to three years, earning a credit each semester, and because the projects are multidisciplinary, the teams include those from a mix of departments. This gives people from electrical engineering, computer engineering, integrated digital media, and other departments a chance to work alongside one another, just as they’ll be expected to do when they collaborate on large multidisciplinary projects out in the work world.

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Participants take on increasingly responsible roles on the team as they progress, so new members are mentored by faculty and grad students. They, in turn, then mentor newer students and ultimately step into leadership roles as older students graduate — tracing the trajectory they might take over the course of their professional lives.

Under the directorship of Industry Assistant Professor Jack Bringardner, the recent recipient of the 2018 Jacobs Excellence in Education Award, the VIP Program, now in its second year at Tandon, has grown to include 19 projects.

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