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Our New Multidisciplinary Department: Biomedical Engineering

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Engineers are used to understanding complex systems, and few systems are more complex than the human body. Accordingly, Tandon researchers have long worked at the intersection of engineering, healthcare, and the life sciences to find ways to make the world’s population a healthier one. 

In July 2018, the school made a major commitment to that pursuit and established a new Department of Biomedical Engineering, where students and faculty members are creating new approaches and tools that touch upon such vital areas as medical imaging, tissue engineering and repair, biosensors, bio-optics, prosthetics, computational medicine, systems genetics, and more. 

biomedical engineering

Members of the new department are engaging in increased collaborative research with the NYU School of Medicine, NYU College of Nursing, NYU College of Dentistry, and others, and several exciting projects are already underway. Tandon’s biomedical engineers are working, for example, with researchers from the Orthopedic Surgery Department for novel cartilage and bone repair biotherapeutics and joint implants and collaborating with counterparts in radiology and radiation oncology on new signal processing and data management protocols for medical imaging and radiotherapy. They work with neurologists on devices and approaches for on-site detection of mild traumatic brain injuries, with cardiovascular specialists on the development of new stent delivery devices, and with physical therapists on ways to speed rehabilitation and recovery. And that’s just a glimpse of the possibilities that arise when engineers set their sights on helping advance human health. 

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