Resiliency | NYU Tandon School of Engineering


Building optimism by preparing for the worst

Whether they’re designing urban infrastructure able to withstand extreme climate events or online systems robust enough to meet ever-increasing challenges, Tandon researchers consider resiliency to be at the core of their work.


Joining forces to train a new generation of cybersecurity and resiliency experts 

NYU Center for Cybersecurity and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) partner to create comprehensive cybersecurity and resiliency program.

Better next-G wireless telecommunications

collage of ECE faculty headshots

Three NYU Tandon teams win $2.5 million from an NSF partnership to ensure resiliency is part of next-G wireless telecommunications

Tandon researchers are exposing the flaws underwriting AI-generated code

A team of researchers from the NYU Center for Cybersecurity explored GitHub’s newest tool for coders and found worrying results.

A more powerful power grid

solar panel, electric wires and wind turbine

DOE Funding will support a Tandon-led project that will lead research and development for new cyber technology that will detect and localize anomalies in power grid cyber-physical systems.

A decade of connection

NYU WIRELESS celebrates ten years of pushing the boundaries of wireless communications.

Battling conspiracy theories

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Tandon researchers work to bring clarity to the fore

Center for Cybersecurity researchers led by Damon McCoy have found that YouTube channels with conspiracy content are fertile ground for predatory advertisers.

Informed citizens and a stronger democracy

New, enhanced provides transparency & insights on digital political spending