"The Future Of"

An NYU Tandon Podcast

Based out of New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, "The Future Of" looks at emerging technological innovation and research via interviews with NYU Tandon faculty and students.

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The Future of: Transportation

Professor Li Jin of the Civil and Urban Engineering Department, along with graduate students Reuben Juster and Nick Caros, discuss the many ways in which autonomous vehicles are projected to shape how we get around in the future. They point out the work still needed to be done before autonomous vehicles become a permanent fixture in our lives.

The Future of: Elections

TFO discusses how attempts to influence voters are evolving with data scientist and Tandon Ph.D. student Laura Edelson, and how governments could improve the voting process, and increase voter's trust, with The GovLab Knowledge Director Andrew Young.

The Future of: Passwords

This week, TFO looks at how passwords work, why we use them, and how they might change in the future. Hossein Siadati, a Tandon Ph.D. graduate, and Sophia D'Antoine, the Tandon OSIRIS Hacker-in-Residence, explain the pros and cons of our current login system. 


Annie Brinich

" "Annie Brinich is a graduate student at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering, pursuing a master's degree in Integrated Digital Media. She loves making and listening to podcasts, as well as studying sound design and digital interaction.