2009-2010 Winners | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

2009-2010 Winners

1st Place (tied): PolySolar

Ian de Albuquerque, Chemical and Biological Engineering, BS, 2012
Eduard Nasybulin, Materials Chemistry, PhD, 2010

Personalizing the power of the sun.

Silicon-based solar energy is expensive. To meet this challenge, entrepreneurs Ian de Albuquerque and Eduard Nasybulin created PolySolar, a start-up that generates Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells. Through clever design and electrochemical polymers, their technology could reduce costs and make solar power more widely available. These mini-solar panels can recharge your cellphone or be used on a backpack as a mobile charging station.


1st Place (tied): VibroWalk

Tan Vo, Biomedical Engineering, MS, 2011

Helping individuals know that their feet are firmly planted on the ground.

For rehabilitation patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy, or the inability to feel sensation in their feet, maintaining equilibrium can be difficult. Tan Vo’s pacemaking VibroWalk, using a sensor-feedback system, can estimate spatial orientation of the feet by alerting another part of the body that retains stronger sensation. This system allows patients to walk and even drive with stability.

3rd Place: Re-Printer

Eduard Nasybulin, Materials Chemistry, PhD, 2010
Chunyong Lin, Computer Engineering, MS, 2011
Xilin Sun, Electrical Engineering, MS, 2011

Giving paper a clean slate.

Through a revolutionary new chemical process, Chunyong Lin, Xilin Sun, and Eduard Nasybulin’s Re-Printer technology is able to take a page full of errors and give it a second chance by extracting its ink and making the paper clean. Their innovative solution will help contribute to the 21st century goal of reducing waste and overproduction in homes, schools and offices.



Adi Kalderon, Management, MS, 2011

Protecting people by detecting microscopic viruses in animals.

With constant concerns like foot-and-mouth disease, farmers and food chains are always in need of disease detection systems. Based on Stephen Arnold’s patented biosensor technology, Adi Kalderon’s concept for a DiseaseScanner will apply disease-detection scanning to animals. This technology can identify multiple viruses and infectious agents in a single drop of blood within seconds, ensuring animal and human safety.


Nicolas Begasse de Dhaem, Civil Engineering, BS, 2013
Julian Salama, Math and Physics, BS, 2013

Serving an ace that lights up the court.

Tennis-lovers Nicolas Begasse de Dhaem and Julian Salama didn’t want to stop rallying. When nighttime got in their way, they created the iBall, a new type of tennis ball that provides visibility in low light. Covered in an electrically charged material with a battery-powered device inside, this groundbreaking ball will allow tennis enthusiasts to play well into the evening.

Smart Chair

Edward Cercado, Computer Science, BS, 2011
Vincent Ngo, Business and Technology Management, BS, 2011
Alim Williams, Business and Technology Management, BS, 2011

Moving the immobile with their minds.

Alim Williams, Vincent Ngo, and Edward Cercado are planning to give back mobility to people with paralysis and disabilities. By sitting in the state-of-the-art Smart Chair, people with disabilities can harness the power of their own brain waves to move. Understanding that all directional-command brainwaves are patterned differently, this team of innovators can offer the disabled a chance to move forward, or any other direction they wish.