Science of Smart Cities Travels to Malaysia


Off to Malaysia: the Center’s Dominick Dennisur (L) with Flavia Tauro and Youngsu Cha. Dominick received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from NYU-Poly in 2013, and Flavia and Youngsu are PhD candidates in Mechanical Engineering at the University. Flavia will also receive a degree in Hydrology from Sapienza University in Rome through a joint degree program. Youngsu and Flavia are researchers in Prof. Maurizio Porfiri’s lab.

IMG_0707The Center’s Science of Smart Cities (SoSC) program may have wrapped up its latest run in August on NYU-Poly’s campus, but we are pleased to announce a new, international project centered

on this initiative. A team from NYU-Poly, along with the New York Academy of Science’s K12 outreach program, will travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 20 through October 3 to work with the National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or UKM). This global partnership adapts the SoSC curriculum and program for Malaysian middle school students and launches “The Science of Smart Communities”, or as it will be known in Malaysia, Bitara STEM. IMG_0704Last winter Meghan Groome, who directs the K12 outreach program at NYAS, introduced a visiting delegation from UKM to our campus and our K12 initiatives. There was particular interest in SoSC, an NYU-Poly designed inter-disciplinary STEM program. It spans 100 hours in curriculum over four modules covering energy, urban infrastructure, transportation, and wireless communications. The program includes a rich array of hands-on activities, demonstrations, experiments and lectures that use real-world materials and emphasizes the ways in which STEM fields are integrated and applied to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and produce sustainable, livable communities. We started working with NYAS and UKM to adapt each module to reflect a local Malaysian context with a re-written curriculum. During the upcoming trip, the NYU-Poly team will train UKM post-graduates in the first, revised module covering energy, and work with those post-graduates and a group of local middle school students in a 3-day “STEM Festival.” For the development of the modified module on energy, the Center worked with NYU-Poly Professor Maurizio Porfiri and two Ph.D. students who research in his lab. For subsequent modules, the Center will engage relevant faculty and their students in modifying and adapting the existing SoSC curriculum on urban infrastructure, transportation and wireless communications.