Wired, Wireless, Phone

Wired Services

Information Services provides the following services for the wired network:

  • Setup network access for new employees
  • Troubleshoot issues related to the network
  • Repair damaged network jacks
  • Reconfiguration of network access during a relocation

Wireless Network Security

Faculty, staff, and students can access the School of Engineering's wireless network according to these documents:

Connecting to Poly-WiFi (on Apple Mac)
Connecting to Poly-WiFi (on Apple iPhone)
Connecting to Poly-WiFi (on Windows XP)
Connecting to Poly-WiFi (on Windows Vista)
Connecting to Poly-WiFi (on Windows 7)

Phone Services

IS provides the following phone services:

  • Setup extension, phone, voicemail for new employees
  • Setup PIN numbers for Long Distance calls
  • Reset/change voicemail passwords
  • Setup conferencing units for meetings (reservations are recommend to ensure availability)
  • Replace defective equipments (phones and cables)
  • Reconfigure jacks and phone setup during a relocation
  • Coordinate with third-party vendors to add new connections for departments