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Getting IS To Approve Your Purchase Order

  1. Print out a copy of the quote (including the prices and specifications) and fill out a Purchase Order form for the equipment. (POs can be obtained from the Purchasing Department, 454 Jacobs Building.)
  2. Submit the quote and the PO to the IS Help Desk. An IS desktop technician will review the quote. If the equipment specification meets institution standards, the PO will be approved.
  3. After it has been approved, the PO will be returned to you and you can submit it to the Purchasing Department.

Computer Peripherals, Accessories, and  Parts

To purchase computer peripherals and accessories for your machines, you are not required to have the item approved by IS. However, if you need assistance in selecting an item suitable for your computer, you can contact the IS Help Desk and one of our desktop technicians can provide recommendations for you.


Software is not required to be approved by IS prior to purchasing. However, often we can provide recommendations.