NYU Health Center

The School of Engineering students have access to many services at the NYU Student Health Center (SHC). There are fees for most medical and psychiatric medication management visits, which will be billed directly to Administrative Concepts, Inc. SHC will be paid at the in-network rate.

Students will be responsible for their co-pay, co-insurance, any portion of the bill not paid by the insurance company and SHC service fees. The office visit co-pay will be requested at the time of service. Refer to the “The School of Engineering Sample of Services” chart for more detailed information about fees for SHC services.

The NYU Student Health Center is located in Manhattan at 726 Broadway, 3rd and 4th floors, New York, NY 10003. Call (212) 443-1000 for an appointment. Many same day appointments are available. Students seeking care can walk in to the 3rd floor without an appointment, but an additional $10 walk-in fee (not covered by the insurance plan) will be assessed. For more information about hours of operation and available services, visit the Student Health Center's web site.