Earth-Friendly Initiatives

At the School of Engineering, we believe innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship — our i2e philosophy — extend to food policies. For instance, we buy produce and products from New York State growers whenever we can, backing local entrepreneurs to the full extent possible. That policy also enhances the environment, because a smaller amount of the produce we serve has to be shipped from overseas or across the country.

We’re proud of our other initiatives and programs and hope you’ll help us support the planet:

  • Decreasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. By eliminating just one delivery per week, Dining Services cuts by 20% the amount of CO2 added to the atmosphere. This strict vendor-delivery service also maximizes delivery capacity, reducing unnecessary trips for small deliveries.
  • Reusable mugs. Participate in our reusable mug program: use the mug for our coffee or fountain beverages and receive $0.10 off your purchase.
  • Biodegradable. We offer biodegradable paper products for your use.
  • Biodiesel. We recycle the transfat oil we use for cooking into biodiesel.

Download the Dining Goes Green brochure