How to Update Your Profile

Faculty, staff and Ph.D. researcher profiles are available on
Please direct any questions to

Thereʼs a substantial amount of information — from publications to patents to courses taught — that you can update and add to your profile. Hereʼs how:

1. Login to by entering your NYU NetID and password.

  • Your web profile will display when you successfully login

2. Click the "edit" tab

3. Select the tab for the category you want to edit

Available Tabs:

  • Account: headshot - scroll to the bottom to upload a photo
  • Basics: name, title, department, office location, phone, bio, social media links, website links, upload a resume
  • Education: where you attended school
  • Experience: where you have worked
  • Publications: journal articles and books you've authored
  • Research/Patents: research interests, collaborative projects, affiliations, awards, patents and grants

4. Enter your information in the desired fields, or edit existing information.
If youʼre pasting text from another source rather than typing it in, youʼll first need to copy the text into a text editor such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) and then copy and paste the text from the text editor into the desired fields (this ensures that the text doesnʼt preserve any formatting from Word or another source application).

5. Click “save” at the bottom of the tab to preserve the changes youʼve made before going on to another tab


  • Use the formatting tools to organize long descriptions into easy-to-read chunks, e.g., bullets and subheadings
  • Avoid the phrase “click here” when creating a hyperlink. Using a publicationʼs title as a hyperlink, or an article or book title, for example, is better.
  • Do NOT use all caps unless you need to emphasize a word or phrase
  • To return to your profile page when logged into the site, click on your username at the top right of the screen
  • The “My content” button will take you to a list of pages, events, and other content that youʼve authored or been assigned editing access to. If you havenʼt created content or been assigned editing access, that screen will be empty.