Digital Poster Guidelines

Follow these instructions and guidelines to create your own digital signage or to post your event up on the LCD screens around campus in time for your event.

Instructions: How to Get Your Event Posted

Major Events/Lectures

Three weeks before the event, submit your poster (see guidelines below) by emailing Please attach the poster and be sure to include the start and end dates for it to be displayed.

  • After approval, your poster will run on the LCD screens. If you prefer, you can prepare monthly schedules to ensure your event is in the viewing queue.

Guidelines: Format and Content

  • Your poster needs to be 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Make your headline/event title large and use high-impact graphics whenever possible
  • Include the following information:
    • title
    • date
    • time
    • location 
    • contact 
    • URL (if there is one)
    • sponsor (if there is one)
  • The best format for your poster is a jpeg
  • If your poster includes an abstract or bio, it may be edited to accommodate the digital format and you will be asked to make those changes
  • For logos and usage, please consult our identity guide. Note, do not place the Tandon logo on posters to be displayed on campus.

If you have any questions, e-mail