Post an Event on the Web

Faculty and staff can create events to appear on the School's online calendar by following the instructions below.
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1. Log in at by entering your NYU NetID and password

  • Your web profile will display when you have successfully logged in.

2. Click “Create new content” at the top right-hand side of the page and select “Event”

3. Enter the title of your event into the Title field

  • Do NOT enter a title in all caps. Use Title Case.
  • Avoid acronyms and abbreviations as they might be unfamiliar to people

4. Select the primary type of event the event is from the Event Type drop-down menu

5. Complete the Vocabularies section of the form by selecting the categories that the event falls into and entering keywords about the event into the Free Tags field

  • Use command/control to select multiple categories
  • You do not need to reselect the primary event type

6. Enter the price of the event if there is one

  • If itʼs free ($0 in Price field) no price will appear

7. Upload an image for the event by clicking “Browse,” selecting an image from your computer, and clicking “Upload”

  • The image MUST be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • Avoid clip art

8. Copy the description of the event into a text editor such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) and copy and paste the description of the event from the text editor into the Body field.

  • Copy and pasting text into a text editor ensures that the text is “clean,” i.e., it doesnʼt preserve any formatting from Word or another source application
  • Use active phrases when writing hyperlinks, e.g., “Read more about the speaker,” rather than “click here.”
  • Do NOT use the underline tool (it falsely gives a cue that whatʼs underlined is a hyperlink)
  • Do NOT use all caps unless you need to emphasize a word or phrase
  • Do NOT include time, contact, or other information that is handled by a specific field on the form

9. Complete the Time fields

  • Note the international/military time format
  • If your event repeats, go to the Advanced settings section to enter repeat date information

10. Enter the location information

  • Complete as much information as possible so that new members of the School of Engineering community or visitors to the campus understand where the event is located

11. Enter the contact information for the event

  • Include the full URL for the Event Website field
  • Do NOT put a personʼs extension in the Phone field. Use his/her full phone number.

12. Click “Preview” to review your event and make any necessary changes

13. Click “Save” when you have finished creating the event

  • A web editor will be automatically notified that you created an event when you click “Save.” The editor will review it, make any necessary editorial corrections and/or contact you for more information, publish the event, and notify you when itʼs been published to