Creative Circuit Design (C2D) Workshop (2016)

Welcome to the Creative Circuit Design (C2D) Workshop for junior and senior high-school students in New York City. The workshop is hosted by Prof. Shaloo Rakheja from Electrical and Computer Engineering and is funded by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Rogers Hall, Rm. 207
6 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201
The workshop will begin each day from August 15th through August 19th at 10:00 AM and will conclude for the day at approximately 4:00 PM. For participation in the workshop, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from the ECE department at NYU. To receive this certificate you must attend all the days of the workshop as attendance will be monitored.
In this workshop, we bring together motivated high schoolers in and around Brooklyn to experience the fun of learning about electricity and magnetism and we will also be building a ton of circuits on breadboard. We really hope to increase students' awareness about electrical and computer engineering. Yes, building circuits is the major part of the workshop, but we will spend an entire day on the tiny computer Raspberry pi
The actitivities will be supervised by undergraduate and graduate students in the department who have a passion to teach and learn from each other. To check the day-by-day schedule of the workshop, please see the menu on the right side of the page.
Should you have any questions or wish to participate in the workshop in future years, please reach out via E-mail:
All content related with the workshop is uploaded on Google Drive folder. 
Workshop particpants automatically receive access to the content. If you did not participate in the workshop and would like access, please reach out to Ms. Gabriela Lopez or Mr. Ying Zhu.
As I was getting ready to make a presentation on welcoming students to the C2D workhop, I began exploring the history of NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I had joined the school after the merger of Polytechnic School of Engineering with NYU happened. And so I would hear senior faculty often mention about the past. I love history of Science and Technology and so I started exploring what Poly  looked like back in the day and what it meant to be an engineer. I came across this wonderful e-book put together by our school. I highy recommend you all to take a look at the amazing and glorious past of our school.