NYU-Poly in the Media

“To Noah, from Wife”

TCS Professor Jean Gallagher's poem, "To Noah, from Wife" was published in the June 30 issue of The New Yorker.  Read More.

Columbia University/NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Center Funds Projects to Turn Cleantech Ideas into Businesses and Grow New York’s Economy

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering to talk about their work to reduce electricity outages, recharge electric vehicles wirelessly, and build a more efficient power transformer. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the first round of awards from PowerBridgeNY, a recently created Proof-of-Concept...

Help NYU game researchers make fidgeting more productive

Do you fiddle with stuff at your desk while working? It could actually be that you aren’t wasting time. You might, in fact, be doing what it takes to get your brain working the way you need it to. That’s the working assumption behind a project at the NYU Game Innovation Lab, called...


Video Link Go to 1:40 to watch Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Nikhil Gupta explain the science behind the new World Cup soccer ball.

NSA Adds NYU School of Engineering to Exclusive Cyber Security List

The National Security Agency with United States Cyber Command recently recognized the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations, the first in New York to earn the title and one of few in the nation to receive all three Center of Excellence...

Peering Inside the World Cup's Brazuca Ball (Op-Ed)

Since 1970, Adidas has been designing new soccer balls for every World Cup, many incorporating materials and technologies that were innovative advances for their time.

Your Posture May Change Your Math Skills

Fear of math is real. In fact, psychologists now use the term “math anxiety” to describe the panic many people — particularly girls and women — have about doing math. On this week’s New Tech City, host Manoush Zomorodi plays a new video game that is being developed to...

Time Warner Cable's It Ain't Rocket Science

We go to Los Angeles, CA to check out the grand-daddy of Science fairs, talk to robot warrior champions in St. Louis, MO and check in with an engineer who has built a thrilling career designing roller coasters. (See Video Here)  

Poolesville High School students crack codes in international cybersecurity competition

Carolina Zarate and Umesh Padia still aren’t sure if their friend Chris Thompson got the birthday messages they sent him. When your friends are high school computer science whizzes, birthday wishes may not come in the form of a card, or an all-caps text. They’re encrypted on your...

China, South Korea commit to 5G leadership, while Japan and U.S. rely on private efforts

The governments of China and South Korea are being particularly aggressive in pursuing 5G development efforts, while Japan is taking an approach akin to that of the United States by relying more upon private companies to invest in the next-generation technologies. China and South Korea have set up...