NCS 5 @ NYU Tandon

5th Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop

The Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Workshop brings together researchers working on the science and engineering of complex fluids and soft matter, including polymers, granular materials, biomaterials, colloids, foams, and liquid crystals. This informal workshop will bring together researchers to exchange ideas and foster collaborations. The workshops host a mix of invited talks, short presentations, and networking time.


The 5th Northeast Complex Fluids and Soft Matter (NCS) workshop will be held at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY on January 15th, 2016. The NCS workshop is a one-day event hosted bi-annually at research universities in the NJ/NY/CT area. Previous workshops were held at Rutgers University, City College of New York, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Stony Brook University.

Registration is free; however, in order to participate pre-registration is required by January 7th, 2016, using the form below. Please indicate on the registration form if you wish to participate in a presentation (oral or poster) and if you wish to be considered for the poster competition.

Lunch will be provided for all attendees.

Plenary Speakers

  • Karen Kasza, Columbia University
    Spatiotemporal control of the active forces that shape living tissues
  • Andrej Kosmrlj, Princeton University
    Statistical mechanics of thin spherical shells
  • Alban Sauret, CNRS
    Wetting and drying in fibrous media
  • Mark Shattuck, The City University of New York
    Statistics of frictional granular system: experiment and simulation
  • Michael Shelley, NYU Courant Institute
    Models of Microtubule and Motor-Protein Assemblies
  • Howard Stone, Princeton University
  • Fluid-structure interaction problems at low Reynolds numbers

Tentative Program (may be subject to change)

8:20-9:00 Breakfast and Registration Rogers Hall, Ground Floor Lobby (Jay Street Entrance) and Jacobs Academic Building, Room JAB475

Invited Talks 25' (+5')
9:00-9:30 Howard Stone (Princeton University) Fluid-structure interaction problems at low Reynolds numbers
9:30-10:00 Karen Kasza (Columbia University) Spatiotemporal control of the active forces that shape living tissues

10:00-10:20 Coffee and tea

10:20-11:45 Presentations: session I 7' (+1')
1 Rémi Dreyfus (CNRS/Solvay/UPenn) Self-assembling colloids and emulsions into 2D hyperuniform systems
2 Sangwoo Shin (Princeton University) Control of colloid transport via solute gradients in dead-end channels
3 Jay Tobia (Rutgers University) Controlling liquid bridge separation with electrowetting to minimize material crossover for droplet based multi-material 3D printing
4 Zhong Zheng (Princeton University) Healing capillary films
5 Miao Yu (Rutgers University) Ellipsoidal relaxation of electrodeformed vesicles
6 Archit Dani (City College of New York) Hydrodynamics of two brownian particles at an oil-water interface
7 Amir M. Rahmani (Stony Brook University) Thermally activated imbibition and drainage of nanostructured surfaces
8 Jie Feng (Princeton University) Nanoemulsions obtained via bubble-bursting at a compound interface
9 Jin Montclare (NYU Tandon) Intelligent biomaterials and assemblies on the nano to macroscale

Invited Talk 25' (+5')
11:45-12:15 Michael Shelley (NYU Courant) Models of microtubule and motor-Protein assemblies

12:15-1:45 Lunch and Poster presentations Rogers Hall, Room, RH203-205

Poster competition from 1:15pm-1:45pm. Students should be next to their posters.

Invited Talk 25' (+5')
1:45-2:15 Alban Sauret, CNRS Wetting and drying in fibrous media

2:15–3:40 Presentations: session II 7' (+1')
1 Yuan-Nan Young (NJIT) Fluctuations and dynamics of a lipid bilayer membrane under an electric field: leaky dielectric and electrokinetic models
2 Katarzyna Somszor (NYU Tandon) Drops spreading on flexible fibers
3 Szu-Pei Fu (NJIT) Efficient Brownian dynamics simulation of DNA molecules with hydrodynamic interactions in linear flows
4 Mohammad Rahimi (Princeton University) Shape dynamics and surface hydrodynamics of bilayer membranes
5 Samaneh Farokhirad (City College of CUNY) Self-propelled jumping of particle-laden droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces
6 Clarissa Schönecker (Princeton Univ./MPI for Polymer Research) Local flow and slippage over a superhydrophobic surface
7 Pejman Sanaei (NJIT) Optimum permeability profile and fouling in membrane filters
8 Valeria Barra (NJIT) Interfacial dynamics of thin viscoelastic films and drops
9 Aaron Mazzeo (Rutgers University) Fluid-elastomer interactions for aero- and hydrodynamic applications

3:40-4:00 Coffee and Cookies Winner of the poster competition will be announced during the break

Invited Talks 25' (+5')
4:00-4:30 Andrej Kosmrlj (Princeton University) Statistical mechanics of thin spherical shells
4:30-5:00 Mark Shattuck (City College of New York) Statistics of frictional granular system: experiment and simulation

5:00-5:10 Closing remarks

List of contributed posters

12:15 - 1:45 PM

The poster will need to be mounted on a 30" by 40 " board. The board, push pins, and a stand to hold the poster will be provided. Please let us know if you have any questions. The poster session will occur in Rogers Hall, Room RH203-205, during and after the lunch. In particular, the poster competition will take place from 1:15pm-1:45pm. Students should be next to their posters.

1 Joonsuk Oh (NYU) High-Density PEO‑b‑DNA Brushes on Polymer Particles for Colloidal Superstructures
2 Siqi Du (Rutgers University) Gravity driven deterministic lateral displacement for suspended particles in a reconfigurable 3D obstacle array
3 Tianya Yin (Rutgers University) Mathematical model and simulation study on the motion of suspended particles in 3D deterministic lateral displacement
4 David Cunningham (Rutgers University) Flow-induced stresses in self-affined rock fractures: an experimental investigation
5 Robert Weir (Rutgers University) Capillary interaction between hollow janus cylinders
6 Lindsay Hill (SUNY Downstate / NYU Tandon) Development of a protein-based ferrofluid for theranostic applications
7 Filippo Cellini (NYU Tandon) Mechanochromic soft materials for fluid sensing
8 Deborah Barkley (Stony Brook University) Nanostructured arrays of self-organizing dendronized macromolecules
9 Adel Shams (NYU Tandon) Pressure reconstruction in water impact problems
10 Violet Mwaffo (NYU Tandon) Active matter of shoaling zebrafish: self-propelled systems with time-dependent noise
11 Dylan Bargteil (NYU) Self-Assembly of emulsion droplets into polymer chains
12 Roni Barak Ventura (NYU Tandon) Improving the assembly and stability of engineered phosphotriesterase through computational design and experimentation
13 John Sperduto (Rutgers University) Flapping-based energy harvesting with tunable elastomeric structures
14 Sumayya Vawda and Teeba Jihad (NYU Tandon) Stabilization of a self-assembling protein-based biomaterial for drug delivery
15 Nicole Schnabel (NYU Tandon) Engineering biomaterials as drug delivery agents for the treatment of osteoarthritis
16 Jingjin Xie (Rutgers University) Elastomeric actuators on airfoils for aerodynamic control of lift and drag
17 Anthony Palumbo (Stevens Institute of Technology) Effects of electropolymerization parameters of PPy(DBS) surfaces on the droplet flattening behaviors during redox
18 Chen Wang (NYU) Holographic characterization of protein aggregates


The workshop will take place at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, at 6 MetroTech Center (see campus map) in Brooklyn, NY. If you take the subway to Brooklyn, more details are available here and enter through the main entrance of the building. If you drive to MetroTech, use one of the many city parkings in the neighborhood.


  • Emilie Dressaire, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Rastislav Levicky, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Additional contact: Shahab Shojaei-Zadeh and German Drazer, Rutgers University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Institute for Advanced Materials, Devices and Nanotechnology

We acknowledge financial support from the MAE and CBE department at NYU Tandon School of Enginering and the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.