Particles, Interfaces and Fluids Laboratory

Our group focuses on understanding and controlling systems inspired by biological or industrail situations in which particles, interfaces and fluids exhibit complex behaviors due to simple physical interactions between constituents.  The rich and unusual behavior of those fluidic systems arises from the presence of mescopic objects that can be fixed to a solid substrate (microtextured surface) or carried by the flow (transport problems), rigid or deformable, spherical or anisotropic. 


Typical examples of such fluids include colloidal suspensions, micro-emulsions, surfactant solutions and biological fluids. These systems are all around us (and within us): in water filtration, in personal care products, and in blood flow. We combine an experimental approach with theoretical modeling and numerical simulations to investigate and gain insight into the behavior of those systems. More specifically, we exploit simple and controlled environments engineered through microfabrication and model experiments to study the couplings between fluid flow and mesostructure.

This site offers a window into our on-going activities. We enjoy meeting curious and creative minds. So, if you see something of interest… please contact us or, better yet, come visit!


We are located in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, at 6 MetroTech Center (see campus map) in Brooklyn. If you take the subway to Brooklyn, more details are available Click here and enter through the main entrance of the building. If you drive to MetroTech, use one of the many city parkings in the neighborhood. To get access to the building, you will need an NYU ID. If you are not affiliated with NYU, bring an ID card and ask the doorman to call Emilie Dressaire's office or the lab.