Yiming Zhao

Yiming Zhao

Adjunct Instructor


Journal Articles

  •  (with K. Boroczky, E. Lutwak, D. Yang, and G. Zhang) The dual Minkowski problem for symmetric convex bodies, preprint.
  • (with Y. Huang) On the Lp dual Minkowski problem, submitted.
  • Existence of solutions to the even dual Minkowski problem. J. Differential Geom., accepted for publication.
  • The dual Minkowski problem for negative indices. Calc. Var. Partial
    Differential Equations
    , 56 (2):18, 2017.
  • On Lp-affine surface area and curvature measures. Int. Math. Res. Not.
    , (5): 1387–1423, 2016.



New York University, 2017

Doctor of Philosophy , Mathematics


New York University - Tandon School of Engineering

Adjunct Instructor

Course Taught:

Calculus II for Engineers MA-UY 1124
Integrated Calculus II for Engineers MA-UY 1424
Calculus III: Multi-Dimensional Calculus MA-UY 2114

From: May 2016 to present

Research Interests

  • convex geometry
  • geometric analysis
  • partial differential equations