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Sunil   Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Other Publications

  • “Biocompatible Nanoparticulate Systems for Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy,” by Mostafa Sadoqi, Sunil Kumar, Vishal Saxena, and Cesar Lau-Cam, in Nanotechnologies for the Lifesciences (Book Series) : Volume 2 [Biological and Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials], Editor: C. Kumar, Wiley (2005).
  • "Radiative Transfer Modeling and Experiments Using Short Pulse Lasers," by Sunil Kumar, Pei-feng Hsu, Kunal Mitra, Bruce Garetz, Zhixiong Guo, and Janice Aber, in Modeling and Simulation Based Life Cycle Engineering, Editors: S. Saigal, K.P. Chong, S.T. Thynell, and H. Morgan, Taylor and Francis (2001).


  • “Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Handbook for Design and Implementation," by Ali Vedavarz, Sunil Kumar, and Muhammed Hussain, Industrial Press, New York (2007).