Sung-ho Yoon

Sung-ho Yoon

Research Scientist

Civil Engineering

  • Phone: 718-260-3509
  • Office: RH402, Six MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11021


Polytechnic University, Class of 2006

Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Research Interests

Dr. Yoon's research team focused on subsurface remediation technologies, especially targeting NAPLs. Recent research projects include use of surfactants to recover crude oil, coal tar, diesel, and jet fuel, partitioning tracer testing for NAPL detection and estimation, and treatment of dredged sediments. Exciting new work was undertaken to develop a new clean-up process for crude oil contamenated site.


“Development of 2-D and 3-D Tank Experiment and Modeling using Su, (Principle Investigator)

2009 to 2011


“Development of PITT and SEAR for Treating Jet Fuel & Diesel at Y, (Principle Investigator)

2007 to 2009


“Evaluation of Phase Behavior and 1-D Column Experiment Using Sur, (Principle Investigator)

2006 to 2007