Stavroula   Sofou

Stavroula Sofou

Assistant Professor

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order)

1. S. Sofou and J. L. Thomas, Stable Adhesion of Phospholipid Vesicles to Modified Gold Surfaces, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2003, Vol 18, 445-455

2. S. Sofou and J. L. Thomas, Effects of Oxidation and Reduction on the Membrane Activity of a Cysteine Dimerizable Peptide, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2003, Vol 27, 197-207

3. S. Sofou, J. L. Thomas, H. Lin, M. R. McDevitt, D. A. Scheinberg, and G. Sgouros, Engineered Liposomes for Potential Alpha- Particle Therapy of Metastatic Cancer, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2004, Vol 45, 253-260

4. S. Sofou, B. J. Kappel, J. Jaggi, M. R. McDevitt, D. A. Scheinberg, and G. Sgouros, Enhanced Retention of the alpha-Particle-Emitting Daughters of Actinium-225 by Liposome Carriers. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2007, Vol 15, 2061-2067

5. S. Karve, G. Bajagur Kempegowda, S. Sofou, Heterogeneous domains and membrane permeability in phosphatidylcholine- phosphatidic acid rigid vesicles as a function of pH and lipid chain mismatch, Langmuir, 2008, Vol 24, 5679-88

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7. G. Bajagur Kempegowda, S. Karve, A. Adhikari, A. Bandekar, T. Khaimchayev, S. Sofou, pH-dependent formation of lipid heterogeneities controls surface topography and binding reactivity in functionalized bilayers, Langmuir, 2009, Vol 25, 8144-8155 

8. S. Karve, A. Alaouie, Y. Zhou, J, Rotolo, S. Sofou, The use of pH-triggered leaky heterogeneities on rigid lipid bilayers to improve intracellular trafficking and therapeutic potential of targeted liposomal immunochemotherapy, Biomaterials, 2009, Vol 30, 6055-6064 

9. S. Khapli, J.R. Kim, R. Levicky, J.K. Montclare, M. Porfiri, S. Sofou, Frozen Cyclohexane-in-Water Emulsion as a Sacrificial Template for the Synthesis of Multilayered Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules, Langmuir, 2009, Vol 25, 9728-9733

10. M. Bhagat, S. Sofou, Heterogeneous domains and membrane fusogenicity in phosphatidylcholine- phosphatidic acid rigid vesicles as a function of pH and lipid chain mismatch, Langmuir, 2010, Vol 26, 1666-1673

11. S. Sofou, R. Enmon, S. Palm, B. Kappel, P. Zanzonico, M.R. McDevitt, D.A. Scheinberg, G. Sgouros, Large anti-HER2/neu liposomes for Potential Targeted Intraperitoneal Therapy of Micrometastatic Cancer, 2009, Journal of Liposome Research, in press

12. S. Karve, A. Bandekar, Md.R Ali, S. Sofou, The pH-dependent association with cancer cells of tunable functionalized lipid vesicles with encapsulated doxorubicin for high cell-kill selectivity, 2010, Biomaterials, in press



13. S. Sofou, Surface-active liposomes for targeted cancer therapy, Nanomedicine, 2007, Vol 2, 711-724

14. S. Sofou and B. Yu, ‘Targeted Radiotherapy of Cancer’, Editorial in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2008, Vol 60, 1317-1318

15. A. Alaouie, S. Sofou, Liposomes with triggered content release for cancer therapy, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 2008, Vol 4, 234-244

16. S. Sofou, G. Sgouros, Antibody-targeted liposomes in cancer therapy and imaging, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2008, Vol 5, 189-204

17. S. Sofou, Radionuclide carriers for targeting of cancer, Int. Journal of Nanomed., 2008, Vol 3, 181-199



Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Class of 2004

Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Physics/Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry,

Columbia University, Class of 2001

Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering

Columbia University, Class of 2001

Master of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering

Columbia University, Class of 1997

Master of Science, Chemical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, Class of 1994

Diploma, Chemical Engineering

Authored + Edited Books


Other publications

18. S. Sofou, J.L. Thomas, Stable Adsorption of Lipid Vesicles on Modified Gold Surfaces, MRS Symp.Proc., vol. 705, pp.Y6.3.1-Y6.3.7. 2002, MRS, Warrendale, PA

19. S. Sofou and J.L. Thomas, “Vesicles and Liposomes in Sensor Technology”, in Handbook of Nanostructured Biomaterials and Their Applications, edited by H. S. Nalwa (American Scientific Publishers, CA), 2005

Awards + Distinctions

Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, Career Catalyst Award (2008)

NYSTAR James D. Watson Investigator Award (2006)

W. H. Coulter Foundation, Early Career Award in Translational Research (2006)

Othmer Institute Award - Major Project Initiative, Polytechnic University (2005)

Omega Chi Epsilon, Chemical Engineering Honor Society (2005)

Dr. Frederick E.G. Valergakis Graduate Research Grant, Hellenic University Club of New York (2002)

Columbia University, Doctoral thesis designated with 'Distinction' (2001)

NATO Science Fellowship, Treasury Department, Hellenic Republic (1999-2001)

Research Interests

Biomembranes and targeted submicron-sized vehicles for imaging and therapy of metastatic cancer