Shivendra   Panwar

Shivendra Panwar

Professor , Electrical and Computer Engineering & Director, CATT

Ph.D. Students

  • Walter Grote
    Collision Resolution Algorithms for Random Access Communications
  • Zhengxue Zhao
    Scheduling Policies for Real-Time Communications
  • Cem Ersoy
    Topological Design of Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Yao Chung Hung
    Buffer Management Policies
  • Kangsik Cheon
    Intelligent Cell Discarding Policies for TCP Traffic over ATM-UBR
  • Yiwei Thomas Hou
    Network Bandwidth Sharing Policies and their Distributed Protocol Implementation for Packet-Switched Networks
  • Nitin Gogate 
    Multiple Path Transport of Information in Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Jeong-Dong Ryoo
    Optimal Resource Design for Networks with Multimedia Servers
  • George Lapiotis
    Stochastic Analysis of Joint Buffer Management and Service Scheduling in High Speed Network Nodes
  • Rajarshi Roy
    Quality of Service Issues in ATM and IP Networks
  • Shiwen Mao
    Realtime Multimedia Transport using Multiple Paths
  • Yihan Li
    Design and Analysis of Scheduling for High Speed Input Queued Switches
  • Dennis Bushmitch
    Queuing Performance of Realtime Traffic under Thinning, Stripping and Shuffling
  • Zhifeng (Jeffery) Tao
    Quality of Service Analysis and Cooperative Protocol Design for Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Yanming Shen
    Design of Packet Switches & Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems
  • Pei Liu
    Design and Performance Analysis of Cooperation Protocols for  Wireless Networks
  • Chun Nie
    Robust Cooperative Networking and Interference Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks
  • Shunyuan Ye
    Distributed Scheduling Algorithm Design for High Speed Switching Systems
  • Sha Hua
    Exploiting the Benifits of Cooperation in Wireless Networks
  • Shu Luo                                                                                                           Robust Cooperative Communications and Full Duplex Relaying in Wireless Networks
  • Zizhong Cao
    Exploiting the Full Potential of Networks Benifits through Architectural Evolution and Traffic Scheduling
  • Sanjay Goyal                                                                                              Exploiting the Potential of Full Duplexing in Wireless Networks
  • Georgios (George) Kyriakou
  • Tingting Lu
  • Seyedamirhossein (Amir) Hosseini
  • Fraida Fund