Shaloo  Rakheja, PhD

Shaloo Rakheja, PhD

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

EL-GY 6523 Nanoelectronic Devices

In this course, we will cover fundamentals of operation of novel transistors (fully-depleted ETSOI, FinFETs, tunnel FETs) for advanced technology nodes. We will not only develop analytical models of these interesting devices, but will also study how quantum-mechanical effects at nanoscale dimensions have started to limit Moore’s law.

The theoretical demands of the course will be balanced with real world device data that we will have access to from IBM, and Intel. This course will equip students with the ability to develop design concepts for both digital and RF circuit applications.

A primer on quantum mechanics and relevant math concepts will be given in class.

Readings will be assigned from:

  • Yuan Taur and Tak H. Ning, Fundamentals of Modern VLSI devices, Cambridge University Press, 2nd Ed.
  • Mark Lundstrom and Changwook Jeong, Lessons from nanoscience- a lecture note series: Near-equilibrium transport, World Scientific.