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Quanyan  Zhu

Quanyan Zhu

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Positions

Postdoctoral Fellowships

We are looking for PhD graduates who are interested in multidisciplinary research related to cyber-physical security and privacy, system and control theory, machine learning and game theory. Interested candidates should email their CV/Resume to 

Graduate Assistantships

We are actively looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students in research projects on the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, machine learning, smart cities and next-generation systems and control. Interested students should email their CV/Resume to 

Project Courses

NYU undergraduate and graduate students can also get involved in research projects through the following courses:

  • EE-UY 4223 Electrical Engineering Design Project II 
  • EE-UY 397 Senior Thesis
  • EL-GY9941 Advanced Projects III
  • EL-GY9953 Advanced Projects I
  • EL-GY9963 Advanced Projects II
  • EL-GY997x MS Thesis in Electrical & Computer Engineering

2017 Undergraduate Summer Research Program:

  • IoT Project: Analyzing Security, Privacy and Trust in the Cloud-Based Internet of Things
  • IoT Project: Cyber-Physical Control of Unmanned Arieal/Ground Vehicles
  • Data Science Project 1: Load Balancing of Citi Bikes
  • Data Science Project 2: Optimizing the Quality and Delivery of City Emergency Medical Services
  • Security Game Project: Board Game Design and Game-Theoretic Analysis for Learning Cyber Attack and Defense
  • Phishing for Phools: Investigation of Cyber Deception and Cyber Crimes

Interested undergraduate students can apply using the following link

or send their CV/Resume to