Mark De Lessio

Mark De Lessio

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering

Technology Management


Upon graduating from Clarkson University, in 1985, with a BS degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management, Mark embarked on a twenty year career in the telecom and Internet sectors where he had increasingly responsible roles in Program and Product Management.  While working in industry, Mark obtained an MBA from New York University (STERN) and also worked as an Adjunct Professor where he taught an array of technical and business subjects.  In 2007 Mark returned to academia to earn a PhD from the University of Cambridge as a member of the Engineering Design Centre (EDC).  His dissertation focused on the design process and, in particular, how companies utilize the planning activity to manage the complex product design and development process. More recently he has worked as a member of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where his research has focused on using Design Structure Matrix (DSM) modeling and Flexibility analysis to enable better decision making capability and execution for successfully developing and growing organizations such as an entrepreneurial start-up or division within a large multi-national.

More specifically, Mark’s industry career began at NYNEX (now Verizon), as part of the First Year Development program.  This was a program that hired recent college graduates directly into the Operations Management area of the company.  After several years working in Operations, where he was a key member of the team that converted the electro-mechanical and analog switching backbone to digital technology, in mid-town and upper Manhattan, he moved to Engineering. As a member of Engineering, he was a key team member involved with developing and bringing innovative technologies and products, of the time, to market.  Upon leaving NYNEX he worked for Japanese trading company, Tomen, where he was instrumental in the analysis and financing of both landline and wireless telecommunication entrepreneurial companies.  After his Tomen experience, Mark opted for the entrepreneurial route where he started a company that created and marketed a tool that converted established languages like Visual Basic into Java.  Upon successfully exiting his own company, Mark got involved with a couple of Internet start-up companies that specialized in Voice Over IP (VOIP), developing leading edge (some would say bleeding edge) Internet based voice products including some of the earliest market entry voice based Instant Messaging and Unified messaging services.



University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, Class of 2012

PhD, Systems Engineering/Design – Engineering Design Centre (EDC)

New York University (STERN), Class of 1993

MBA, International Business Management

Clarkson University, Class of 1985

BS, Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management