The School of Engineering has a rich history of building collaborative relationships with community partners. We are especially committed to developing programs with local K-12 students and teachers to promote, inspire, and educate in the areas science, technology, engineering, and math, what is often referred to simply as STEM.

When you visit the School of Engineering's campus, you won’t see any ivory towers -- literal or figurative. What you will see are professors and students actively engaged in research, working on projects with industry partners or have started their own companies in our BEST business incubator, launched in 2004.

Varick Street is our newest incubator where start-up companies from New York come to grow their businesses in a nurturing environment. We launched it in partnership with the City of New York as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan in July 2009 in SoHo. The incubator shortens the time from innovation to impact, and provides the guidance, expertise, and resources that start-ups need to grow into scalable ventures that bring economic growth to the greater New York area.