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Suggested Courses

Paths Towards MS in Bioinformatics Based On Academic Background

Either thesis, 9 credits cumulatively over three semesters, or Guided Studies, six credits over two semesters, is a Capstone requirement for completion of the MS in Bioinformatics.

All courses are subject to change.

Semester I

      Algorithms and Data Structures for Bioinformatics BI-GY 7453 3 Credits

      Problem Solving for Bioinformatics  BI-GY 7663 3 Credits

      Biology and Biotechnology for Bioinformatics BI-GY 7683 3 Credits

Semester II

       Statistics and Mathematics for Bioinformatics BI-GY 7723 3 Credits

       Applied Biostatistics for Bioinformatics  BI-GY 7673 3 Credits

Semester III

Semester IV

       Translational Genomics and Computational Biology BI-GY 7733 3 Credits

       Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology for Bioinformatics 
       BI-GY 7693 3 Credits