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What Our Students Say

The versatile options of the STS program allowed me to study abroad for two semesters while maintaining a focus in chemical engineering. Because of the flexible requirements, I was able to take a combination of chemistry, architecture, politics, and foreign language courses while studying in the NYU Global University campuses in London and Florence.

— Connor Doherty (chemistry concentration)


As a STS major, on the one hand, I refined my writing skills and immersed myself in the history and philosophy of Western science.  And on the other, I was able to pursue a science education at an engineering level, attaining a minor in chemistry. This combination of skills has opened many doors for me, one being the Masters in Public Health program at NYU.  With my science knowledge and my ability to be an effective writer, I intend to pursue a career in international health policy and hope to work for the United Nations or the World Health Organization.

— Adriana Joseph (biomedical concentration)

While engaging in the investigation of nanotechnology drug therapeutics as a research technician at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, my foundation in Science and Technology Studies plays an integral role in the way I question the implications of my research. My queries extend beyond the essentials of drug delivery and efficacy to venture into the nuanced social issues inextricably associated with novel drugs such as community accessibility and acceptance.  STS helped me to develop this acute sense of the interconnection between the scientific discourse and society.

— David Sanchez (biomedical concentration)