Discover the Power of PolyThinking

PolyThinking Defined

— noun

1. an innate capacity of analysis or problem-solving characterized by a healthy suspicion of obvious or widely-held conclusions
2. an act of thinking in parallel that optimizes how the brain processes information

— verb

1. to conceive of technological, scientific, mathematic, visual, and management approaches that illuminate deficiencies in existing approaches
2. to make micro or macro advances in a  field of study that have ripple effects in multiple fields

What is the Power of PolyThinking?

If you microwaved your breakfast this morning, used a touch-screen ATM to get cash for your lunch, or watched a salesclerk scan the barcode on that book you bought yesterday, then you’ve experienced the Power of PolyThinking firsthand.

For over 150 years, Polytechnic students, graduates, researchers, and faculty have been contributing to technology solutions that have benefited humankind.

Some, like the examples above, seem like everyday conveniences, but in fact, speed commerce and are the foundations for new and more-advanced applications.

Others, like the mass production of penicillin during World War II and the founding of a company called Fairchild Semiconductor which sparked the high-tech revolution that continues to this day in Silicon Valley, are of such historic proportions that it’s hard to imagine our world without them.

Today’s PolyThinkers and The Power of i2e

PolyThinking and i2e (invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship) work in tandem to drive today’s PolyThinkers.

PolyThinking allows NYU School of Engineering students, researchers, and graduates to keep up with the 21st century’s ever-quickening innovation cycle. Our ultimate goal: to deliver our discoveries to consumers, patients, urban areas, and businesses sooner than ever before, and to create companies that bring economic growth to Brooklyn and beyond.