Pre-2009 Curriculum and Typical Course Schedule

The core of the major is a general, calculus based introductory sequence, followed by an introduction to modern physics, and then intermediate courses in the fundamentals, e.g., classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermal physics and statistical mechanics, and quantum physics. You will be provided with a solid grounding in mathematics, in the humanities and social sciences, and have an ability to round out your education with 2 free electives. You will select the balance of your major courses from available elective offerings.

Typical Course Schedule for the Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

(for students who have entered prior to the fall 2009 semester)

Freshmen Year

Fall Semester
MA 1024 Calculus I, Credits: 4.00
CM 1004 General Chemistry For Engineers, Credits: 4.00
EG 1004 Introduction to Engineering and Design, Credits: 4.00
EN 1014 Writing & Humanities 1, Credits: 4.00
SL 1010 Freshman Seminar - Pc Hour, Credits: .00

Spring Semester
MA 1124 Calculus II, Credits: 4.00
PH 1004 Introductory Physics I, Credits: 4.00
CS 1114 Intro to Programming & Problem Solving, Credits: 4.00
EN 1204 Writing & Humanities 2, Credits: 4.00

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
MA 2012 Elements of Linear Algebra I, Credits: 2.00
MA 2132 Ordinary Differential Equations, Credits: 2.00  
PH 2004 Introductory Physics II, Credits: 4.00 
HU 2104 Modern World History, Credits: 4.00
Free Elective    
CM 5040 Chemical Laboratory Safety, Credits: .00  

Spring Semester
MA 2112 Multivariable Calculus A, Credits: 2.00
MA 2122 Multivariable Calculus B, Credits: 2.00  
PH 2344 Introduction to Modern and Solid State Physics, Credits: 4.00
PH 2104 Analytical Mechanics, Credits: 4.00
PH 2/3*** PH Elective

Junior Year

Fall Semester
MA 2212 Data Analysis I, Credits: 2.00
MA 2222 Data Analysis II, Credits: 2.00
PH 3234 Electricity and Magnetism, Credits: 4.00
PH 2/3*** PH Elective
HuSS Elective

Spring Semester
MA 3*** Math Elective
PH 3/4*** PH Elective
Free Elective
HuSS Elective

Senior Year

Fall Semester
MA 3/4*** Math Elective
PH 4364 Introduction to the Quantum Theory, Credits: 4.00
PH 4902 Introduction to Senior Project in Physics, Credits: 2.00
PH 4912 Senior Seminar in Physics, Credits: 2.00
PH 3/4/5***    PH Elective

Spring Semester
PH 4124 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Credits: 4.00
PH 4904 Senior Project in Physics, Credits: 4.00
PH 4/5*** Elective
HuSS Elective

Total credits required for graduation: 128