Events and Outings


Group of daring and courageous graduate students take an adventurous trip through an array of roller-coasters and fun rides in this traditional event. We visit some of the world's record breaking rides in this trip!


Welcome back to the spring semester! We had this wonderful back to school party for the returning students at the start of the spring semester!



Before the fall leaves start to fall, the Office of Graduate Student Life organizes a trip to an Apple Orchard in upstate New York. Come join us as we go pluck from a variety of fresh apples. Eat all you can and carry couple of bags back with you.



Ever wondered how life will be after school? Well, who better to answer that question than the students who have passed through the same school and attended the same classes as you?



Graduate Student Life organizes a fun trip to Woodbury shopping outlets, right before the festive season of Thanksgiving. Students get special VIP discount coupons and get to spend a fun day shopping!



The Office Of Student Activities and Resource center and the Office of Graduate Student Life organize Club Fest at the beginning of every semester. This is a great stage for clubs to showcase their talent and to recruit new members to be part of their club.