2 MetroTech Center

Phase I: Summer 2011 to Winter 2012 Phase II: Summer 2012 to Winter 2013

The new hub for the entire Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department and part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department. The School of Engineering's space in the building is split among three floors -- a dedicated ground-floor lobby, the entire 10th floor and a portion of the 9th floor.

Phase I: Opened in January 2012, the dedicated the School of Engineering lobby on the ground floor of the building newar Lawrence Street allows convenient access for students and faculty. A wall-sized graphic of the Brooklyn Bridge rendered in ASCII type, invoking computer code, creates a focal point for the space.

The 50,000 sq ft space on the building's 10th floor, also opened in January 2012, includes: 47 faculty and researcher offices, more than a dozen computational laboratories, work stations for post-docs and student researchers, and department administration and advising offices. A pantry and break room adjacent to the glass-enclosed data monitor room offers a view of the lab conducting research on data analysis and visualization.

Phase II: The 35,000 sq ft on the buildings 9th floor underwent renovations to create three, large-capacity classrooms, new permanent homes for the Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT) and NYU WIRELESS, the largest National Science Foundation-funded academic/industry cooperative research center. The 9th floor space was substantially completed in January 2013.