Campus Improvements


A key component of the i2e Campus Transformation has been investing in the School of Engineering's existing building assets on a continual basis. The improvements being made will reap benefits in the near-term for members of our community and are incremental steps in the direction of the long-term vision for creating a dynamic, exciting and well-planned urban campus. While these improvements, most often managed by the Facilities Management Team, are taken on all year round, the summer months, in particular, have provided great opportunities to advance updates to current buildings in a very concentrated way. Following are highlights of strides made towards improving our campus facilities:

Spring/Summer 2013

  • Repairs to the facades and exteriors of Roger Hall and the Othmer Residence Hall to comply with NYC's Local Law 11.

Winter 2013

  • The Greenhouse, an exciting new space designed for student ideation and collaboration, opened on the lower level of the Jacobs Academic Building.

Summer 2012

  • Converted previously vacated space on the 3rd floor of Rogers Hall into two classrooms – RH 325 (57 seats) and RH 331 (44 seats) – outfitting the rooms with new a/v equipment and furniture

  • Painted 15 existing classrooms in the Jacobs Academic Building (JAB) and Rogers Hall (RH), specifically JAB 473, JAB 474, JAB 475, JAB 673, JAB 674, JAB 678, JAB 773, JAB 774, JAB 775, JAB 775B, JAB 777; RH 202, RH 317, RH 518, RH 505

  • Updated elevator lobbies, corridors and other public spaces in JAB and RH (JAB) with contemporary paint colors and graphics

  • Installed new carpet, painted and ordered new furniture for both the Regna Student Lounge and the Private Dining Room

  • Replaced the hardwood floor in the gymnasium

Summer 2011

  • Refurbished seven classrooms in Rogers Hall, RH 203, RH 425, RH 601, RH 603, RH 605, RH 615, RH 704, updating them with fresh paint, new floors (either vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring or eco-friendly carpeting) and new furniture

  • Outfitted RH 202 and RH 204 with new chairs, and conducted general maintenance and repairs classrooms campus-wide

  • Relocated the Honors Lounge in Rogers Hall to RH 012 to both create an additional classroom (RH 214) and provide a more comfortable, contemporary settings for uses of the lounge

  • Added colorful, contemporary furniture to enliven the lobby and 4th floor of the JAB and the 1st floor of Dibner; the groupings of contemporary lounge chairs, stools, tables and benches in red and blue hues inject pops of color and create inviting spaces for members of the community and visitors alike

  • Sprinkled PolyPods, small groupings of contemporary furniture designed to facilitate impromptu collaborations and enliven previously under-utilized spaces, throughout Rogers Hall

  • Began the installation of a new, energy-efficient, LED lighting system in Othmer Residence Hall, and painted, bought new furniture for the first floor lounge, and made significant roof repairs