The mechatronics/process control laboratory of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing (MAM) Engineering department at Polytechnic University hosted 10 selected high school students in Summer 2002 for an intensive seven-week program focused on introduction to engineering via modern instrumentation. The program reinforced the existing science and math skills of the program participants. In addition, it introduced the participants to various engineering disciplines through a variety of modern instrumentation, data collection, data analysis and reduction, and remote plant monitoring projects. The students learnt 1) fundamentals of measurement instruments; 2) electronic circuitry design; 3) interfacing sensing/actuation devices with micro-controllers; 4) micro-controller operation and programming (e.g., Basic STAMP). The participants completed a design project by the end of the program period.



2002 Projects:

Four-Legged Hexapod
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Web-Based Remote Control






































































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