Student Activities Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Engineering Office of Student Activities and Resource Center is to support the academic goals of the university by providing services and programs designed to enhance and maximize students’ co-curricular educational opportunities. Aligned with the School of Engineering's i2e goals, the office will promote a positive campus climate that empowers students to interact and share common interests, encourages the exploration of innovative ideas, inspires creativity, fosters opportunities for leadership development, broadens awareness of their social and civic responsibility, and heightens awareness and appreciation of cultural differences. Furthermore, the office strives to increase student satisfaction on campus and assists in the retention of students leading to graduation.


To offer our students a superior educational experience in an environment that promotes ethical leadership, values personal wellness, encourages service to others, celebrates diversity and encourages innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes

After participating in the School of Engineering Office of Student Activities and Resource Center sponsored programs and activities, students will:

  • Actively contribute to the development of positive and inclusive community
  • Use their leadership skills and talents to benefit others within and outside the School of Engineering
  • Increase their multicultural competence, particularly as it relates to issues of civility and social justice
  • Demonstrate congruence between their values and their actions
  • Continue their participation in leadership, innovation, service, and learning on campus