Student Leader Banquet

The Student Leader Banquet is the NYU School of Engineering's opportunity to recognize and honor the many student clubs and student leaders that build and impact community at the school. 

How to submit a nomination:

For the 2016 Student Leader Awards, you will be able to nominate student clubs, student leaders, and faculty advisors through NYU Campus Life. A link will be provided during the spring of 2016. Keep in mind that quality not quantity goes a long way! We will ignore duplicate nominations, whether they are for the same nominee or different nominees.  

Make sure to check out the descriptions that go along with each award. The more you can identify specifically why that student club or this person deserves to win that specific award, the easier for the Selection Committee to review your nominations. 

Nominations should include:

  • How you know the student club and or the individual. Are you on the executive board? Did you attend the event? Etc.
  • Why you are nominating this particular club or individual. Why do you think your nominee should win this award? What makes them or the event/program stand out?

All together your nomination should be a minimum of 4 to 5 sentences (a paragraph typed) to a maximum of a page. Kind in mind:

  • Certain awards may require additional details in order for selections to be made.
  • All nominations should be connected to a School of Engineering recognized student club or organization.
  • You can also check out our Sample Nominations.