Student Leader Banquet

Nominiations Open Tuesday, April 1

The Student Leader Banquet is the NYU School of Engineering's opportunity to recognize and honor the many student clubs and student leaders that build and impact community at the school. The Student Leader Banquet will be held on Friday, April 25 at 6pm in Regna Lounge. Invitations to come.

How to submit a nomination:

Use this link to nominate student clubs, student leaders, and faculty advisors for the Student Leader Banquet’s awards.  Keep in mind that quality not quantity goes a long way! We will ignore duplicate nominations, whether they are for the same nominee or different nominees.  The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 5pm.

Make sure to check out the descriptions that go along with each award.  The more you can identify specifically why that student club or this person deserves to win that specific award, the easier for the Selection Committee to review your nominations. 

Nominations should include:

  • How you know the student club and or the individual. Are you on the executive board? Did you attend the event? Etc.
  • Why you are nominating this particular club or individual. Why do you think your nominee should win this award? What makes them or the event/program stand out?

All together your nomination should be a minimum of 4 to 5 sentences (a paragraph typed) to a maximum of a page. Kind in mind:

  • Certain awards may require additional details in order for selections to be made.
  • All nominations should be connected to a School of Engineering recognized student club or organization.
  • You can also check out our Sample Nominations.

Award Categories:

Click the awards below for descriptions.

Outstanding Service/Philanthropy
This award is presented to a student club that coordinated a service or philanthropy effort that raised awareness of and or funds for a particular non-profit.  Recipient’s efforts should have focused on raising awareness of their selected non-profit while running a well-developed, organized, and advertised service event(s) or fundraiser(s). Special attention will be given to those efforts that incorporated multiple segments of the School of Engineering community.

Outstanding Scholarship/Academic Program 
This award is presented to a student organization for their efforts to plan and implement an event or series of events that are academic or professional in nature, and are well developed, organized, and advertised. 

Outstanding Community Development Program
This award is presented to a student organization for their efforts to plan and implement a community wide event or program that was well developed, organized, and advertised.  Recipient’s events should have attracted individuals from across the School of Engineering, and potentially NYU, and impacted student life in a considerable way. Special attention will be given to those programs that were collaborative efforts among multiple student clubs and or with campus offices.

Outstanding Event or Program of the Year
This award felicitates the most outstanding event or series of events by a student organization. They are being awarded for their efforts to plan and implement a great program that was well developed, organized, and advertised. Efficiency in usage of resources provided by OSARC/GSL will also be one of the criteria of consideration.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor
This award honors faculty advisors who have shown dedication to supporting and empowering their student clubs to develop and evolve.  Recipients are active mentors and coaches to their clubs and the student within them, showing commitment to the mission and goals of the student organization.

Outstanding Student Leader of the Year
This award is presented to undergraduate and graduate student leaders, who have played a pivotal role in the development of their student club. Recipients will have shown dedication to his or her group and enhancing the campus environment. These leaders would not only have the vision to bring about a positive change, they would also have displayed the ability to overcome all the challenges that come up in bringing the vision to life. * This award can be given to multiple students.

Outstanding New Organization of the Year
This award will be presented to one graduate and one undergraduate student organization that has shown tremendous growth and outreach in their first year of inception. They have displayed great potential by steady programming and development of their organization.

Organization of the Year 
This award is presented to the student organization which has topped the Student Club Challenge for this academic year. The winner of the Club Challenge has shown strong organizational structure, consistently provided outstanding programming, and has successfully created a significant impact on campus life for the student body at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.  Consideration to aspects like collaboration with other clubs, activeness throughout the academic year and healthy participation in events organized by OSARC/GSL have also been taken into perspective.