Spiritual Life

At NYU, we partner with religious and spiritual leaders who come to campus to provide our students with spiritual guidance and pastoral care. The Chaplains listed on this page all dedicate part of their time to our campus in Brooklyn and are available to meet with students upon request.

NYU Global Spiritual Life provides a full list of chaplains available at the Washington Square Campus. Please note, if you cannot find a chaplain that meets your religious or spiritual needs, please contact Ariel Ennis (aae251@nyu.edu) who can work with you directly.

Jewish Chaplains

Rabbi Nicole Lyn DeBlosi
Named in 2015 by the Jewish Daily Forward as one of America's Most Inspiring Rabbis, Rabbi Nikki Lyn DeBlosi is passionately dedicated to pluralist Judaism, feminism, and LGBTQ rights. She holds a BA summa cum laude in Women’s Studies from Harvard University and both an MA and a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from NYU. She has taught in the Religious Studies, Performance Studies, and Expository Writing Departments at NYU. Rabbi Nikki is the NYU Bronfman Center's Reform Rabbi, and her work spans the Reform, egalitarian Jewish, LGBTQ communities, but of course she's happy to speak to students from all Jewish denominations and indeed all faiths. A convert to Judaism (raised Roman Catholic), she is particularly happy to discuss spiritual change, doubts, and questions. She’s also happy to talk pop culture, science fiction, HBO’s GIRLS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Game of Thrones! Rabbi Nikki lives in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, with her wife Rachel and their young sons Ilan and Ethan.

Rabbi Joe Wolfson
Joe Wolfson grew up in the UK and studied political philosophy at Cambridge and UCL. He did his rabbinic studies in Israel receiving ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in 2015. Now he works with his wife, Corinne, as the rabbinic couple for the Orthodox Jewish community at NYU's Bronfman Center. Interests include (but are not limited to) coffee, Cormac McCarthy, hiking, India and Indian food, and Herman Hesse.

Muslim Chaplain

Faiyaz Jaffer
Faiyaz Jaffer attained an MA degree in Islamic Studies (UK), with a concentration on early Islamic history, after his undergraduate degree from SUNY Stony Brook University in Political Science and Religious Studies. He has had his research published by academic journals. In pursuing the classical course of Islamic education, Faiyaz studied in the Seminary of Karbala, one of the most prominent centers for Islamic learning. He currently continues his fieldwork as part of the Islamic Research Institute in New York. As a faith leader and social activist, Faiyaz Jaffer has lectured at various universities, seminars, and workshops across the United States, Canada, Europe, East Africa, and the Middle East. Due to the political and social climate, he has been making strides in the greater New York area by taking part in a number of interfaith seminars and discussions in the aspiration of increasing dialogue with various faith leaders. As a highly sought after lecturer and religious leader, Faiyaz regularly leads prayer services and delivers sermons across North America.

Protestant Chaplains

International Students Inc.

Jason Casper
Jason grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to New York City in the Spring of 2001. It was his experience of witnessing the 9-11 attacks firsthand that helped guide him into a relationship with Jesus Christ. He worked as a professional graphic designer and art director at various advertising agencies for 13 years before feeling called to do international student ministry with ISI. Jason's interest in cross-cultural ministry began 2006. He has also been active in compassion ministry to the homeless for many years through Calvary Baptist Church and The Bowery Mission. Jason loves most things jazz and enjoys playing guitar.

The Navigators

Joel Gieb
Joel was born to parents who were Christians, and he came to know and love Christ at a young age. He grew up in a suburb of Chicago, the mountains of east Tennessee, and eastern North Carolina. After graduating from Calvin College in 2008, a position with Americorps brought him to New York City. He immediately loved NYC and realized it to be a place in which he wanted to invest himself long-term. Joel attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, graduating with an MA in Theology in 2014. He enjoys biking, reading in parks, and discovering delicious restaurants. Joel revels in destroying his competition in Just Dance Now dance-offs - usually until newcomers get the hang of the game, improve, and begin to consistently win against Joel. Then he is overcome with bitterness and frustration until introducing the game to someone else.