About the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

Clarification for Advisors, Administrators and Staff

As an administrator or staff member at the School of Engineering, you have access to certain student information which is protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as by the Institute’s Policy. Below is some key information you should know about the School of Engineering's Policy:

1) A student’s personally identifiable information is not to be disclosed or displayed publicly.

2) Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to:

  • ID Numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Contact information (telephone and address)

3) The following documents which you might acquire contain personally identifiable information:

  • Class lists or Grade Rosters
  • Forms
  • Transcripts
  • Transfer Credit Evaluations
  • Financial Information
  • Other Institute documents

In more specific terms, these policies mean:

1.) Refer requests for information (including subpoenas and judicial orders) of educational records and directory information to the Registrar (x3486 or registrar@poly.edu).

2.) Do not display student information publicly in association with names, SSNs, ID numbers, or other personal identifiers.

3.) Do not leave academic or other personnel records (financial, medical etc.) containing student information in publicly accessible places. Students are not to have access to the information of other students.

4.) Do not request information from the Registrar without a legitimate educational interest and the appropriate authority to do so. If you are unsure whether your interest qualifies as a “legitimate educational interest” please contact the Registrar (x3486 or registrar@poly.edu).

5.) Do not share student educational, financial, medical, or judicial information with other employees of the university unless their official responsibilities identify their “legitimate educational interest” in that information for that student.

6.) Do not discuss student information in public areas (hallways, elevators, etc.).

7.) Do not provide information to a parent, legal guardian, or spouse without verifiable written permission from the student. If an employee has a relative that is a student, that employee should not access that student’s information without “legitimate educational interest” pertaining to his/her official responsibilities, or unless the student has waived disclosure rights.

8.) Keep only those individual student records necessary for the fulfillment of your professional responsibilities. Private notes concerning a student intended for that person’s own use are not part of the student’s educational records. However, be aware that in some cases ‘private' notes and records may be subpoenaed under different federal or state regulations.

9.) When in doubt, do not release student educational information, including grades, GPA or letters of recommendation. Contact the Registrar (x3486 or registrar@poly.edu) if you have questions.

View the complete the School of Engineering FERPA guidelines.