The Division of Student Affairs supports the School of Engineering's academic mission by enhancing students’ education through a range of programs that build intrapersonal, professional, emotional, and other essential life skills. We work in partnership with academic, support, and service departments to tailor our activities to students’ needs. Our programs address emerging issues and foster community building.

At the School of Engineering, we believe that the freedom to teach and learn is crucial to the academic process. Therefore, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs has worked with other Institute departments to develop procedures and policies to safeguard these freedoms. To fulfill our goal as a learning community, we frame our foundation of success around the following:

  • Respect and dignity of self and others
  • Academic and personal integrity
  • Responsibility and accountability for one’s actions
  • Establishing values and goals
  • Embracing human and intellectual diversity and inclusiveness

This foundation enables us to ensure the growth and success of the entire community socially, physically, academically, and emotionally.