What Will You Do?

A message from Anita Farrington, Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Hello Class of 2019! At Convocation, our welcome ceremony for first-year students held on Monday, August 31st, there will be a video presentation that will feature the school’s student life experiences over the past year, including content from current student leaders as well as our future leaders … you! You are the future stakeholders at the NYU School of Engineering. We are honored that you have chosen to attend our school and we look forward to you and your classmates going on to be successful inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs.

To that end, we would like for you to be a part of this video tradition. We are asking that you upload a short video clip of yourself answering the following question: “What Will You Do?” Consider your answer carefully in the context of being a brand new, first-year student on an important threshold. How will you make your time within this new community and after you graduate count? See below for additional guidelines.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 15. Please submit your video via this link.

While we will not be able to feature everyone in this video, we still want full participation of our entire first-year class! All clips submitted will be utilized throughout the year in social media, so make sure that you are a part of this important tradition.


Dean Farrington

Video Clip Guidelines

Write out your response on a white sheet of paper in black marker or sharpie. Make sure it is legible! Then say your response into the camera … make sure to answer, “I will … .”

  • Your response should be no more than 25 characters long when written out
  • Your video should be no longer than 10 seconds
  • Allow for 3 to 5 second silence at beginning of your video before speaking and 3 to 5 second silence at the end

How Can You Best Shoot Your Clip?

  • Make sure to shoot from your chest level up, we want to be able to see your face! And hold eye contact with the camera.
  • Find your light. Stand facing a window or a lamp, this allows for the light to hit your face and make you more visible. Make sure there is not a bright light overhead.
  • Think about the color shirt you are wearing. Does it stand out?

Check Out Our Example Video Clips Here!

Step by step, what you should do:

What not to do ... Can you tell what's going wrong here?

A few examples from our amazing Orientation Leaders!<


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