Graduate Student Council (GSC)


The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the official representative body of all graduate students (Full-time/ Part-time) at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering



Our Mission is to foster the grad community, serve as a channel for expression of thoughts, ideas and concerns associated to academics as well as extra-curricular activities; bridge the gap between School of Engineering and other NYU schools, and encourage professional development.



Please click here to read the Graduate Student Council’s Constitution and Bylaws



●   Sarth Desai

Sarth is majoring in Entrepreneurship & Biotechnology. From Chicago, IL, he loves being involved with the student life at NYU. NYU has helped him grow as a person and he hopes to pass on his leadership skills to others.                                          

●   Prathit Vora

Prathit is majoring in Industrial Engineering. While he believes in living life to the fullest he is extremely dedicated to his work. He loves exploring the city in all possible manners and that’s what he loves about New York City that it always amuses him in every other way. And so he tries to work hard on making NYU the best experience of a student’s life.

●   Shivani Arora
     Vice President
Shivani is majoring in Biotechnology. She is from New Delhi, India. She loves traveling, listening to music, hanging out with friends and interacting with new people. She loves exploring New York and out of many beautiful spots, Brooklyn Bridge is her favorite.

●   Shivam Vashistha
Shivam is majoring in Management of Technology from Ujjain, India. He will graduate in December 2015. He likes to interact with students and faculties, having excellent public relation skills. He actively participates and coordinates in various university-wide events. He loves to sing and listening to trance. He loves watching football

●   George panagopoulos
George is majoring in Financial Engineering and expects to graduate in 2015. He is from Athens, Greece. As Treasurer, George hopes to assist the Student Council and Clubs with proper use of source and funds. He enjoys traveling, photography and New York.   


Organizing Committee
Mission: To act as a planning commission and to organize and plan events that would be beneficial for the graduate students. We aim to increase participation of graduate students on campus and build a platform where students can pitch their own ideas about the type of events they want to see on campus.

●   Mrigank Mittal
I am Mrigank Mittal computer science graduate student , from india . I am highly extrovert and affable in nature . I would like to contribute my best in graduate student council on making NYU the best experience for student life. Moreover I am teaching assistant in principle of Database management  course .
My favorite lines : life is like a coin so spend it wisely .

●   Natalia Ochoa
Natalia is majoring in Financial Engineering. She is passionate about helping improve other people's lives: she is part of a leadership group that designs and executes workshops for teens in Colombia, her home country; that;s why she is looking forward to help NYU SOE Grads bound together and make the most out of what NYU and NYC has to offer.

Marketing Committee
Mission: The Marketing Committee focuses on promoting the activities of the GSC as well as on raising awareness about the University wide activities carried out by the various student councils at other schools at the graduate level.

●   Prabhleen Kaur
I am Majoring in Management of Technology. I love to travel and have a passion for photography. I have an inquisitive and  explorative attitude and I joined GSC so that I can make the NYU and NYC experience memorable for myself and others.

●   Siddarth Matani
I am majoring in Management of Technology ,graduating in May 2016 . Since my undergrad i’ve loved being involved in Student council Work  as I feel it is my means of giving back to the Student Body.I’m an avid sports fan and have played Cricket Professionally at the Junior Level. I love meeting new people and the fact of exchanging new ideas with different people excites me !!

●   Palak Dewan
I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I am from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. I love painting, listening to music, exploring new things and interacting with people of different cultures. I am in love with the iconic skyline of New York and I want to make my NYU journey the best experience of my life.



• All the members of the Graduate Student Body shall get to vote and elect the Executive   Officers of the GSC.

• Elections for the Executive Officers shall be held during the spring semester and they shall take office beginning of the succeeding fall semester.

• The Executive Board shall appoint the chair of each committee of the GSC. It is necessary for the Chair to state intent before being appointed.

For more information on elections, amendments, meeting etc. please refer to the Graduate Student Council’s Constitution attached earlier.


Working for the Student Council is a great way of becoming an active member of the community where you get a chance to network with some of the most influential people and learn from your peers. It provides you a platform where you can voice your opinions and act on changes you want to see.


If you’re interested in being a volunteer with the Graduate Student Council please fill out our Volunteer Application .


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