Graduate Programming Association (GPA)


The Graduate Programming Association (GPA) is a new programming board for graduate students @ the School of Engineering. A branch of the Office of Graduate Life at the School of Engineering, GPA aims to plan events for the graduate student community at Poly.


The primary aim of GPA is to act as a planning commission and to organize and plan events that would be beneficial for the graduate students at NYU Poly. We aim to increase participation of graduate students on campus and build a platform where students can pitch their own ideas about the type of events they want to see on campus.
GPA is the Programming board for all graduate students at NYU Poly. It has been created as a branch of the Office of Graduate Life at the School of Engineering aiming specifically to plan events for the graduate student community.

What we do:

Create social events for graduate students to facilitate collaboration amongst the diverse students body of NYU Poly
Organize programs in collaboration with several student clubs and departments that would help graduate students in professional development.
Build a platform for graduate students to visualize, socialize and organize.
Get students more involved with activities on campus.
Work with various offices in NYU like NYU Office of Graduate life, NYU Graduate Ambassadors etc to increase intermingling of the School of Engineering students with students from the other schools of NYU.

If you are interested to know more about GPA or if you have any suggestions about certain programs that you want to see at Poly or if you just want to be involved, e-mail us at:
Follow us on twitter @GPA_NYUPoly