Leadership Opportunities

Meet the Fall 2015 Graduate Orientation Captains and Graduate Orientation Leaders!

Graduate Orientation Captains (GOCs)
Gradaute Orientation Captains are selected through a rigourous process to lead the group of more than 60 Graduate Orientation Leaders, assist in the planning of New Graduate Student Orientation, and serve as resources for all incoming students. 

Siddhi Doshi, MS Integrated Digital Media '16
I am graduate student at NYU School of Engineering. My major is Integrated Digital Media. This fall is going to be my 3rd and last semester at NYU. It is all together a different experience studying at NYU and I am loving it. I am excited to meet new students coming in Fall 2015. I am available to all new students for help, support and advice in the best possible way. I am eagerly waiting to meet new faces and make them feel easy here when they first arrive at the campus. I will be more than happy to offer an optimistic and familiar ambiance to all the new students.
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Shriti Pandey, MS Construction Management '16
My first taste of stardom, and yet the best, was to be one of the three kids to feature in newspaper a week after I was born as the first set of triplets to be born to the state I am from. My personality is an amalgamation between adventurous and a free thinker. I am always positive and enthusiastic about life. I can’t end my day without reading a novel or watching a good movie. The favorite part of my day is to have a conversation with a fellow student of NYU who is initially a total stranger to me but later I end up knowing something more about his/her culture and aspirations that adds to my experience. That’s also the reason why I am very excited to be the GOC for fall’15 orientation. To be able to meet so many new faces and have a great conversation and hopefully making a lot of new friends by the time the orientation comes to an end. Looking forward to meet all the new faces!
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Xu Xu, MS Management of Techonology '16
I am a 14Fall graduate student from Management of Technology. I am from China and I am so excited to be a GOC. I am a helpful person who deeply cares for my family and friends. I am also keen on my interests such as museums and movies. Oh by the way, I am also a good cook! And my favorite superhero is Iron Man! I think I have a great sense of humor, so it will not be boring to stay with me. I admire people who are honest, flexible and easygoing. I would like to motivate GOLs and work with them together as a team. At the same time, I will try my best to help the new students sincerely to solve all problems and adapt to the new environment at the School of Engineering, which I think is the most valuable part in being a GOC.
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Yash P. Chhajed, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering '16
I am a master's student majoring in Computer Engineering. I work on campus and do photography to keep myself busy. I have strong analytical and communication skills and believe that teamwork is the key to success. Getting selected for GOL team in spring 2015 semester was a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity. Taking a step further, serving as Graduate Orientation Captain for Fall 2015 semester, I am excited to introduce the incoming students to the world's finest school of Engineering. After all, who better to make new arrivals feel welcome and prepare for a fulfilling college experience than their fellow students?
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Graduate Orientation Leaders (GOLs)
Graduate Orientation Leaders are selected through an application and group interview process and serve as the main resource for new students during NGSO through presentation of important information, guiding campus tours, leading social outings in NYC, and answering any questions new students may have.

  • Hiteshi Acharya, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Rangoli Aggarwal, MS Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship
  • Jaswinder Pal Singh Ahluwalia, MS Management of Technology
  • Alap Amitbhai Shah, MS Computer Engineering
  • Sahil Arora, MS Management of Technology
  • Janhavi Bagwe, MS Computer Science
  • Anirudha Borse, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Akanksha Chauhan, MS Mechanical Engineering
  • Kritika Chawla, MS Executive Management of Technology
  • Puneet Chugh, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Utkarsh Dandwate, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sagar Deo, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Rohan Deshmukh, MS Computer Science
  • Annamalai Gokkul Natarajan, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Samiksha Goyal, MS Computer Engineering
  • Sree Harsha Meka, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Hessam Seyed Esmaeili Hosseini , MS Industrial Engineering
  • Muye Huang, MS Financial Risk Management
  • Jimmy (Chien-Ming) Huang, MS Computer Engineering
  • Naimesh Narsinghani, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Abhinav Jana, MS Management of Technology
  • Saudamini Joshi , MS Management
  • Dhawal Kabra, MS Construction Management
  • Raj Kalra, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Naman Kamleshbhai Patel, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Kratika Kasliwal, MS Management of Technology
  • Vikash Kumar Deo, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Bharat Kumar Pavuluru, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Kate (Xin)Li, MS Management of Technology
  • Rick Liang, MS Computer Science
  • Srikanth Madhira, MS Computer Engineering
  • Aditi Mayekar, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Gayatri Mehra, MS Management of Technology
  • Kevin (Kangran) Miao, MS Computer Engineering
  • Gowtham Kumar Neerukonda, MS Computer Engineering
  • Poojan Patel, MS Computer Engineering
  • Jay Patel, MS Computer Engineering
  • Yuchen Pei, MS  Financial Engineering
  • Pramod  Prakesh, MS Computer Science
  • Siddhanth Ramashchander, MS Management of Technology
  • Vanshaj  Rana, MS Computer Engineering
  • Pirthmey Randhawa, MS Mechanical Engineering
  • Bhavesh Rathore, MS Construction Management
  • Raghavendran Ravindran, MS Computer Science
  • Kunal Relia, MS Computer Engineering
  • Dhaval Shah, MS Industrial Engineering
  • Keval Shah, MS Computer Science
  • Parth Shah, MS Management of Technology
  • Swapnil Shah, MS Computer Engineering
  • Shubham Sharma, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Samira Shrikishna Sawant, MS Computer Science
  • Ishant Siddharu, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Jiaxin Teng, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kashyap Uppuluri, MS Management of Technology
  • Albin Vattakattu, MS Electrical Engineering
  • Harshini Vijay Kumar, MS Computer Engineering
  • Apoorva Walimbe, MS Computer Science
  • Jason (Qianyi) Wang, MS Computer Engineering
  • Zhenyuan Wang, MS Management of Technology
  • Bill (Xinge)Wang, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Alice (Xin)Zhao, MS Management
  • Yuhan Zhu, MS Chemistry